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Do you want to make money online in a legitimate way ?

Do you believe in making Passive Income online ?

Do you believe that you can make money even when you are sleeping ?

Or do you believe that you can teach online where you can earn a lot of money by sharing your knowledge by following one of the legitimate ways which I will describe in this article?

If all your above answers are YES, then this article is definitely for you.

So before you start reading about this article there are some interesting forecasts for 2020 and beyond  about the industry which I am going to talk about in this blog post  – Online Education Industry.

Don’t trust me, but have trust in following global news articles :

According to Forbes, 

E-Learning is the Future. 

It is going to become $325 Billion industry by 2025

Cannot believe it still? Check out this link here.

Online courses made  > 50 Billion last year.

So here are some exciting opportunities for you to explore in the online teaching space. You can leverage these opportunities by teaching and sharing your knowledge via online courses with the whole world. The best part is that  there are audiences who are ready to take your course; so you can sell your content and courses and make money out of it.

The content shared in this post are based on my real experiences.

I have seen people who are doing  fantastic in this industry with complete autopilot mode. I have seen people generating passive income for themselves by doing this as a part-time activity as well.

So here I am to introduce about Udemy platform with my own experiences and my own opinions.

These experiences and opinions may vary from person to person. 

So Udemy is a Great Platform if you are creating your course online for the first time. 

So in this course I am going to discuss a 3 step roadmap of creating a Udemy Course which is appealing ,reliable, authentic and engaging  in just 3 days.

And at the end I will share with you a free course which you can enroll right away to learn the pro tips.

In my earlier posts I shared How to create your First Course on Udemy and in this article I will share with you tips to create a profitable Udemy Course using just 3 steps in 3 days.

As of Jan 2020, the Udemy online platform has more than 50 million students, 57000 instructors teaching courses over 65 languages, more 150000 courses and there have been over more than 295 million course enrolments.

For detail check out Wikipedia link here.

Isn’t it Great !!!!!

So what are you waiting for ?

Don’t think too much…. If you have knowledge and want to share it with others then jump into this platform. 

Of course, Udemy is not the only one platform to share your knowledge. There are other platforms like Thinkific, Skillshare, Teachable, Coursera, PluralSight and many more. 

However, one can start with Udemy. Later on, I will tell you in another article pros and cons of Udemy Platform based on my own experiences and how you can move to other platforms.

Some commonly asked basic Top 10 questions which I tried to answer here for instructors and these are the same questions even I got when I started my journey on Udemy. So before I start talking about creating my course on Udemy please go though the following questions and answers, and let me know in comment sections you have any more questions about this platform.

All answers listed here are my own experiences and my own opinions about this platform which I understood over a period of time and my course are on 1st Page of Udemy (1 course is on 2nd rank 1 st page and other is on 4th Rank, 1st Page as of June 2020). The questions are as follows ;

  1. Do I need to pay for teaching on Udemy.

Ans : Big NO. You just need Skills to teach.

  1. What should I know before I teach on Udemy.

  Ans : Power Point Presentations, People should understand your language as it supports many languages including other Indian Languages, How to do Video, your skills , and thats it.

  1. How much does it cost to make a course on Udemy.

Ans : Actually nothing, It means you need to have internet connection, laptop/desktop, Google Presentation (free) for ppts, Video Software even if its free works. Finally I dint spend anything when I started on Udemy. Will talk more about this in another article.

  1. What Hardware and Software are required to teach on Udemy.

Ans : Hardware : Laptop/Desktop with internet connection

        Software : Google PowerPoint(free), Mac Quicktime or iMovie works,Course Image Builder (free) or for this you can take Udemy help which designs course image for you at no cost.

  1. How difficult is to create a Udemy Course.

          Ans : Its easy to create a course on Udemy as it have very simple User Interface.

  1. How much do I earn by selling courses on Udemy ?

          Ans : Depends on indivisuls. Because this  depends on many factors which are listed below :

  1. How to Rank on Page One in Udemy ?

            Ans : You need to understand how Udemy Search Engine Works which will talk in detail in another article .

  1. How to Rank my course number 1 on Udemy?

            Ans : Secret sauce yaaa……which I will tell you in another article. How I ranked number 2 on 1st page of Udemy within 15 days from publishing.

  1. Is Udemy Profitable for Instructors ?

Ans: Again this depends on many factors which are listed below :

Ya, but you can make a passive income from this platform even if you are not promoting on your own.

  1. How much money a new instructor can make on Udemy ?

Ans : Again here it depends on the supply and demand of your course on Udemy and also many more factors like :

Over a last couple of months, I have not been able to consistently give time to this platform because of personal reasons for generating new courses so my earning are decreased but my old courses are really doing well. So I am confident that if I give consistent time and effort to this platform it will give you good passive income which you can dream off.

So here is the magic, if you already know your content,,,, ofcourse by now you should know your content what you want to teach so basically you should know your niche, then it just takes 3 days and 3 steps to put your course on Udemy.

So here you go ;

  1. Plan your Course 
    1. Course Title
    2. Course subtitle
    3. Course Description
    4. Course Image (take help of Udemy Course Image Team for free)
    5. Course Promotional Video

Tip 1 : Be ready with your free tools.

  1. Prepare your Course (whichever best suits for your course preferably video and also mix of other ways listed below so that audience don’t get bored with only one way)
    1. Video content.
    2. Articles
    3. Audio
    4. Quiz
    5. Assignments
    6. Practise Test
    7. Coding Exercise
    8. Bonus Exercise
    9. Additional Content

Tip 2 :  Make many short videos of max. 5-10 minutes in a section. And Keep length of the course also not too long like 20-30-40-50 hours. 

  1. Polish and Publish your Course
    1. First make one video and send it for testing of audio/video and then make all other lectures videos, otherwise you are wasting time if some mistakes happen you have to recreate all videos again.
    2. Check for packaging of your content.
    3. Check for Pricing by comparing with your competitors.
    4. Send it for review. (Now Udemy is taking 6-7 days for review of your course so make it right.)

Tip 3 : Send 1-2 short videos for testing of audio-video before making all videos of your course.

So once you submit your course for review it will be evaluated by Udemy Team based on their Course Quality Checklist based on which they will give you feedback or suggestions. Till last year Udemy team used to take 2-3 days for reviewing your course, since covid-19 pandemic has started the volume of the courses are increased so it is taking 6-8 days for the review process of single course.

Bonus :

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Hope this article helped you in some way. In detail about all the above steps I will talk in another article. If you have any more questions please comment it out below, I will answer them. 

If you liked this post please comment here below,I am not asking your money –  I am just asking your few seconds to comment on this post.

Thank you guys. Happy learning 🙂

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